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Wright Family Organics, California LLC offers proven leadership expertise to tribal nations in the development of compliant, safe, and organic cannabis. WFO specializes in all aspects of cannabis cultivation including processing, testing, manufacturing, and dispensing. Our goal is to develop stable business enterprises for the tribal nations that will develop economic engines and jobs for the next seven generations.

Press Release

August 8th, 2015
Press Release

May 28th, 2015
WFO Press Release



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Partnerships, Management, and Facilitation
Wright Family Organics offers a variety of services from fully-integrated, full Indian owned partnerships that include funding, site development, operations, management, tribal law, tribal organization, tribal leadership, and tribal development.

WFO has deep roots in cannabis and harvest knowledge from all industries.
Our team consists of 40 years of Corporate Executive Gaming Leadership, Corporate Sales, Marketing, Multi-Corporate Food and Beverage Executive Leadership, Product Development, National Compliance Programs, Financial Planning and Forecasting, Multi-Million Dollar Asset Management, Real Estate and Build Out, Site Development, Lobbying Governing Bodies, and Regulated License Attainment. We have operated in highly regulated gaming environments at key licensee levels and have achieved ten years of medical marijuana experience.
•Yield analysis•  Waste reduction/green Focus  •Staffing
•Business coaching  •Workflow procedures  •Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  
•Growth strategies  •Staff training and education  •Patient education

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Cultivation of indoor, hydroponic, deep water culture, organic soils, and neutral medium cultivation. We also practice Greenhouse Biodynamic Cultivation (the most responsible and cost efficient way to cultivate all year long). WFO offers advice on crop rotation, yield management programs, genetic management, nursery management, vegetation management, and flower management. It also offers consultation on harvesting management, processing management, manufacturing management.

 WFO offers the ONLY comprehensive consulting, management, and product solutions for the Cannabis Industry.
There is no other company that can match our knowledge, experience, and innovation in all phases of cannabis cultivation and retail.


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Organic Cultivation
WFO has a combined 25 years of cultivation experience in many mediums of cultivation:

•Deep water culture hydroponics
•Neutral soil medium hydroponics
•Indoor organic soil propagation
•Seasonal outdoor biodynamic organic cultivation
•Yearlong greenhouse biodynamic organic cultivation

All of our cultivation methods are based on maintaining outstanding root stock via genetic management, organic sustainable growing techniques, stage crop management and yielding practices, constant cost benefit analysis, and introduction of new methods as the market continues to develop.


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•Harvesting, curing, and packaging for dispensing
•Processing into extractions for the use in edibles and tinctures
•Beverages, edibles, concentrate, and topical development

Our partners operate and have assisted in the development of brick & mortar storefronts. They have handled all aspects of the process including site selection, negotiations, demographic studies, analytics, surveillance layouts, egress and security evaluations, product display, Point of Sale (PoS) management, staffing, training, web presence, menu development and costing, inventory programs, compliance and regulatory implementation, management education, patient education, quality assurance programs.


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Complete Organic Grow Systems
For any region (indoor, outdoor, or blended)
•Cultivation methods and custom nutrient recipes
•Lights, CO2 systems, air flow, grow rooms, and greenhouses
•Genetic management and procurement
•Pest management programs
•Automated systems with integrated redundancy

From door-to-door delivery to brick and mortar Operations, WFO provides a one-stop service related to site selection, demographic study, license submission and board reviews, merchandising, inventory management, Point of Sale (PoS), surveillance and security, staffing, training and education, inventory control and evaluation, compliance protocol, service training, displays, and signage.


Blue StarBusiness Evaluation
•Application support  •Business planning  •Competitive strategy  
•Site selection  •Build-out planning  •Regulatory compliance
•Grow management protocols  •Retail design •Diversion and loss prevention


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Compliance Regulatory Development and Oversight
We have an extensive background in the development and management of both tribal government and state-regulated operations. Wright Family Organics strives to keep every aspect of your business and ours compliant with the law in all facets of cultivation, manufacturing, processing, reporting, testing, inspection, and security. 

Who We Are


Tim Wright 
Operating Manager, NAO / President, Wright Family Organics

Tim Wright has devoted himself to developing a thorough understanding of the medical cannabis industry. Mr. Wright’s primary goal has been to to set a new standard of excellence in cannabis cultivation and cannabis operations.

Mr. Wright lives in Northern California's Emerald Triangle and has sought out the brightest minds in the cannabis cultivation industry. He has toured dozens of cannabis facilities while providing large-scale grow operations with the research methodologies and practices they need to succeed. Mr. Wright has assembled an unparalleled team of cannabis experts, growers, consultants, patient advocates, legal counsel, and operations advisers.

Wright Family Organics has worked tirelessly on developing quality sites and schematics for cultivation facilities. It is a creative, disciplined, and entrepreneurial urge that motivates Mr. Wright to make WFO the most successful pursuit in the cannabis industry.  His industry knowledge coupled with his entrepreneurial business experience and executive expertise make him uniquely qualified to lead the WFO team.



Cannabis has been used in Chinese culture for over 4000 years, and was made medically available in California in 1996. Multiple states have since passed initiatives, and according to a 2010 ABC poll, 81 percent of Americans believe that medical cannabis should be legal in the United States. 23 states have since legalized medical cannabis or effectively decriminalized it.




Bloomberg Business Week reports that legal medical marijuana could gross an estimated $45-100 billion according to Economist Stephen Easton in 2010. 

"Tribal leaders will have a tremendous opportunity to improve public health and safety, as well as benefit economically by legalizing marijuana. Regulating and taxing marijuana like alcohol would ensure the product is controlled, and it would bring significant revenue and new jobs to these communities." — Mason Tvert, Spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project.




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